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    Is there a way?


      Is there a way to restrict

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Restrict reading? Restrict editing? You'll need to provide more details about what you want for us to help you.


          Also, what version of InDesign? What computer platform?

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            Rohan_unique_name Level 1

            Haha yeah that post is obviously incomplete.

            I’m having great difficulties with the Adobe forum website, very frustrating.

            I tried to find this post after posting it and couldn’t, otherwise I would have edited/deleted it.


            The complete post was meant to be …

            “Is there any way to restrict the Find/Change function to only search within pages ie not search the pasteboard??”

            I have since tried again to repost this and got to the point of finishing it, clicked on “Post” and nothing happens. I can’t click again on the Post button or the Cancel button anymore though the rest of the page is still editable. When I eventually refresh the page I lose all I have entered.

            I’ve only just started to use the Adobe forum today after a long time and I’ve had nothing but problems with the site and it’s usability. I had to abandon trying to use Chrome on it as it was just fail. Firefox is better but still this post error.


            I’m still trying to post this question to the Indesign community.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              No, in the interface, there is no way to restrict Find/Change to pages (not including the pasteboard). Someone may have written a script.

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If all your text is threaded text frames you can choose in the Find Options to search the "Story" or "Stories" if you have more than one text frame selected; or you can select all the text with the text cursor to search the "Selected" only.

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                  Rohan_unique_name Level 1

                  Wow that’s incredible.

                  Thanks for your help anyway guys.