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    Add action to invisible button

      Hello everyone

      I have the following problem
      i am no expert in Flash i just wanted to create a simple flash menu
      so i saw a guide on the net and everything was fine till i reached the part where is says
      " select the invisible button press F9 and add the following code"
      i have tried everything. everythinggg
      but i cannot add any code:(
      the part that makes me sad is that i dl the flash menu from the tutorial i read and they had code in their invisible button

      i must also mention that i use Flash CS3. all the tutorials i found were written in flash 8
      i dont know ofc if that matters
      ill be very happy to send the file i am working for anyone who want to help.
      i really cannot understand what i am doing wrong:(
      i have read various guides how to create the invisible button and how to add code but i just cannot add the damn action code:(

      any ideas?