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    Photoshop CC 2014 incompatible with Wacom tablets?


      Hey everyone, so I'm having a lot of issues with my Wacom tablets and PS CC 2014. So, I have two tablets hooked up to my computer (and before you ask, no, the issues don't stem from two tablets being connected to the computer. I already tested that.) A Cintiq 21UX and an Intuos 5. Both work very well and as you would expect in Photoshop CC, however in CC 2014 they have loads of problems. On the Cintiq, while I get great, fluid lines with the brush tool I can't change my eraser's size on the fly by rotating my pen like usual. It's very annoying and absolutely destroys workflow. Now, the eraser works, but the size can't be changed by flipping the pen from the brush tool like it normally would be able to. That's just the issue with the Cintiq though, on the Intuos 5 there's no pen pressure whatsoever! It just thinks the pen is a mouse, on both sides of it. I'm certain this isn't a driver issue, as the tablets have their drivers up-to-date and work perfectly with both Photoshop CC (standard) and Corel Painter X3.


      Does anyone know how I could fix these issues?