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    CS4 crashes when drawing a textbox, help?


      I have checked my fonts and I don't have any of the ones flagged as "problem fonts". In fact, if I just click to type it works just fine, but I am used to using textboxes, thats what I like, and have never had a problem until recently. I can use existing textboxes in old psd files, but when I try to draw a new one in any psd document, PS4 crashes immediately. It feels like its a problem with the tool to me, wondering if a recent up-date might be to blame?

      Thanks for any suggestions-about a way to fix it, I am not budgeted to buy CS6 right now so please refrain from such suggestions. Thanks again.

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Yes, recent updates are always to blame if it worked before (I suppose that).

          You don't mention what kind of update you did (CS or OS), but if OS, you should try a rollback. If CS, you can only uninstall and reinstall CS.

          Unfortunately, updates sometimes bring new bugs...

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            Newt_style Level 1

            Hi, thank you for replying Doc Maik. It was an OS, I did a repair install on my win 7 64bit, and turned on Auto install for all updates. I had always picked-and-choose them before now, but I was falling far, far behind and it was making trouble for me. The repair install fixed all of the windows and dll errors I was experiencing, but now this small issue with photoshop has popped up.  By a rollback, can you explain what you mean by that exactly?