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    Pixelated pictures

    Evt pub


      I am trying to relink some new pictures to a flyer. However, they are coming out pixelated. It is 640x426 pixels is that the problem?

      How can I resolve? Many thanks in advance for your help.


      Kind regards


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          Migintosh Level 4

          Right off the bat, I'd ask if this is about how it looks in InDesign, in an exported PDF or in a printout.


          If the resolution of the image is 72ppp, and you place the image into InDesign at 100%, it will be 8.889"x5.917", and because it's 72ppi, it won't look very good on screen or in print. If you make it larger in InDesign it will look worse, and if you make it smaller, it will look better. That's because the pixel count is staying the same, but because you are changing the physical size, you are changing the concentration (which you will see as resolution) of pixels. The larger you make the image, the lower the concentration, and the smaller the image, the higher the concentration. If you wanted to have a 300ppi image, you would need to reduce the physical size to around 24%, or around 2.1"x1.4". If it has to be larger than that or a higher resolution, you may need a new image.


          Once the image has the resolution you want, you want to make sure you aren't reducing it if you export it as PDF, so check your downsampling settings.

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            Evt pub Level 1

            Thank you. It is in InDesign. How do I change this to make it more


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              Migintosh Level 4

              First, go to the Links window (Window>Links), select the image by clicking on it and you will see the image name become selected in the window. In the lower part of the window is the section called Link Info. Here's a screenshot from my CS5.5 version for Mac OS 10.8:

              Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.07.27 AM.png

              If you can't see everything in your window that you can see in mine, you can resize the window, and there's a separator between the two sections that you can move (it's just between where it says Link Info and where it says 1 Selected). You can see in my screenshot that the Actual PPI is 72 (because for this test I made an image with your size specs in Photoshop, and set it to 72ppi), but the Effective PPI is 301. You should check your image and tell me what those two settings are in your links window, and I'll give you some more info.