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    Found a possible CHROME bug


      Hi, I believe I found a bug in the latest Adobe Edge. I'd like to describe it in case others come across to it.


      Recently I found that some of my symbols created in earlier versions of edge were displaying perfectly fine in Firefox and Safari, but shifting down in Chrome. You can see this in the image shown below.

      Notice how this little camera is centered where I want it (in cross hairs) but shifts down in chrome. VERY FRUSTRATING.


      What I found is that there seems to be an issue with the origin settings that is creating this. In the edge file for this little camera symbol, the origin is set to:


      x = 50 percent

      y = 22 percent


      I have this setting like this so I can rotate the camera around the yellow dot.


      So here's the bug:


      if you type in zero into the y setting then type 22 back in, the problem goes away. 


      Only thing I can think of is that the symbol was made in an earlier preview of edge.  I have uploaded the bugged file to look at. First preview in Firefox and Chrome. Notice the shift then once you delete 22, type 0, then 22 again, you can see the bug go away.