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    Are we ever likely to see disk playback in AE?

    scattar Level 1

      What is the reasoning behind still having to playback from RAM?


      Is it because in the past disk drives were no-where near capable of playing back uncompressed footage? With SSDs so cheaply available these days surely there is no issue here any more? Further to this, why does AE need to playback uncompressed footage when previewing anyway? Why can it not render to say ProRes, DNxHD or some other compressed format and play that back? 99% of displays in the world are 10bit and there is no difference in viewing 16 uncompressed compared to say 10-Bit DNxHD 180Mbits. We can still render uncompressed at the end if needs be, but for previewing 10-bit compressed is fine.


      In recent years disk caching has help enormously but even on a 6-core i7 with everything cached to an SSD, I am still having to wait for AE to render to RAM before I see a preview. This isn't so much of an issue for short sequences but for anything approaching 30 seconds or over it is.


      I think Adobe are missing a huge trick here as this is the only thing stopping AE from being considered a viable finishing system. With it's plugin support and friendly interface it's already light years ahead of systems such as Flame and Smoke in what can be achieved and in the time it can be achieved in, the only thing it's missing is the ability to hit that space bar and for a client to watch the whole thing back without the need for a lengthy render.


      Before people start talking about Premiere and AE together with dynamic link, it is usable for some stuff but is far too flaky and constantly switching between the two programmes is not a professional way of working.


      Adobe are missing a finishing system in their product line-up, yet they already have one right under their noses without realising it.


      *While I'm at it. More GPU acceleration, support for multiple GPUs and multiprocessing that consistently works would be nice. Forget adding new features and plugins - let the 3rd party software vendors worry about that kind of thing