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    Subtract Mask on RotoBrush Tool

    Chenboonping Level 1

      Hi there...guys

      You guys know that if you're using the Pen tool to mask out the area and you also can choose as Subtract...


      How can we do it in RotoBrush Tool???

      I know there're a button "invert foreground/background"

      But that's not what i want


      For example

      i'm shooting a video using F22

      and i want the background to be very blur like shallow depth of field

      and usually i'm using the Pen tool to mask out the area i don't want and subtract it

      and apply the effects on it...


      If i'm using RotoBrush Tool

      Can i still do the same thing as the Pen tool....???


      The only thing i want to know is

      "How to Subtract the mask area using RotoBrush tool and apply the effects on the Subtract area..."


      *Very Appreciate to those who commented and answer my questions