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    InCopy Layout View

    Earnest Hart

      I work in InDesign CS6 and just download the trial version of InCopy CC. I cannot get the Layout View in InCopy to show the page design or geometry from InDesign.


      I'm following the steps in InDesign of creating an assignment and selecting "Placeholder Frames" before exporting to InCopy. But all I get in InCopy when I open the assignment is a box with the text in the Galley, Story and Layout tab choices with little change in the way it looks.


      Does the Layout View not work in the trial version of InCopy? Am I missing a step or setting in InDesign or InCopy.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What exactly are you opening? You do not open the ICML files.




          Open the ICMA or INDD files.

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            Earnest Hart Level 1

            It is indeed the ICML file I opened. When I look in my destination folder (where the assignments are stored) on my server, that’s all I see. So there should be a ICMA file somewhere?



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If you actually created an assignment and added the content to it, yes.




              Otherwise, open the INDD file in InCopy.  There is zero reason to open an ICML file in InCopy unless it originated there and has not yet been placed into a layout.




              I would urge you to visit lynda.com and watch some of Anne-Marie’s fabulous InCopy courses. If you don’t have a subscription, this link will get you a one week trial: www.lynda.com/trial/boblevine

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                Earnest Hart Level 1

                Thank you, thank you Bob. Now that I opened the actual InDesign file in InCopy, I see the page design and all the assignments.


                That part was hard to catch if you were not listening closely in the “How the Workflow Works” video on “tv.adobe.com” that I was watching. It’s one sentence where it says “open up that same layout in InCopy, which means open up your native InDesign file that the assignments were made from.


                Thanks for clarifying that step and I’ll certainly visit lynda.com with the link you sent.