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    Can You Guy's Help Me?


      Hey Guys.


      I am relatively new to indesign and have come a bit unstuck.

      I have recently taken over the design/marketing role in my office and have been handed a mac exactly how the previous person left it.


      I have been asked to update some letterheads and send them off to the printers. I have found an old one and made the amendments quite easily but I am lost as how to prep it for professional printing. I thought the old guidelines would be on there but alas they are not.


      Printing in office leaves large margins around the document and this isn't what we want.
      Can you advise or direct me to where I can learn how to alter this.


      Its an A4 Portrait document, Using exactly the same plans they used before but can't work out the printing aspect.


      I hope this makes sense.





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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Check with your printer. They will probably want a PDF with trim marks etc included. There are various kinds of PDF and your printer should be able to tell you which kind they want.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            The process is:


            Open your document, make the changes.

            Select File > Save As (give the document a new, or incremental name) so you have both the original and revised documents.

            Check that the little icon at the bottom of the screen is green – which if it is means the document has no errors. If it's red click on it to list the issues.

            To produce the PDF, select File > Adobe PDF Presets and select the PDF type you've been recommended. Under Marks and Bleeds tick the All Printer's Marks box.

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              murph1989 Level 1

              Ah fantastic, I'll give them a call.
              Glad to hear I'm on the right track


              Thank You DerekC1000