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    Tips on Creating URL web hyperlinks from flattened tif files during export to Acrobat PDF

    Bob Caused This

      Hi all. I'm using PageMaker 7.01a on Windows 7 64 bit (yes it works). Every month I export a 72 or 80 page publication to pdf for printing. I use this same file to create a 'digital publication' using 3D Issue Pro 6.2 to post online.


      What's really annoying is that Acrobat (v. 8.3.1) will not convert any web site urls that are buried in a flattened tif file. I have a LOT of ads that I create in PhotoShop and place into PageMaker as tif files.


      Acrobat does a great job of picking up the web urls in the exported text. But I have to manually add quite a bit of web urls and email addresses in the pdf file using the 'create link' command.


      I am using PhotoShop v. 9 (CS2) and I may have already explored the option of saving the layered .tif files as PDF, but to no avail.


      Any suggestions on how I can somehow automate this process? Also, maybe the first response will be to switch to InDesign, but even if I did, would it help with my current dilemma?


      Thanks in advance.