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    Moving LR5 to new comp. Does SN transfer


      I had LR3 for years, loved it and bought a new camera. But now learning that with a new camera comes new problems to solve.

      I had to upgrade LR3 to LR5. Which was no problem, happy to do it. But now my 4yr old Dell XPS 15 is having a hard time with the D610 larger files and it just keeps overheating or going slow. So now I think I have to buy a new computer.

      Question is.

      Does the serial number from my old computer transfer over to my new one? Or do I have to buy a new license?

      All of my pictures are on a portable HDD so going to a new computer hopefully shouldnt be much of a problem. I just want to know if I have to spend more $$ to move to my new computer

      Thank you in advance.