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    £ sign & Fonts Adobe flex design tool


      Hello All


      I am new to the forum and I am not a developer, I have a question to ask if anyone could please help it would be much appreciated thanks. I am in the UK and I am having a problem with a website I have had built for me. The site is a web to print site that customers can use a design tool to create business cards and so on. The problem is the site does not accept the pound sign (£) when you enter it in the text box. The developer has added a file so it accepts the pound sign, the problem is the site has only got nine fonts for customers to use, so when we try to add more fonts they will not load onto the site. The developer programmer says they will not load due to the pound script to have the pound sign working. They say they can remove the pound file and then they can load new fonts, this is okay but then the £ will not work. As a web to print we need the £ and we need more fonts for customers to use. The developer says the design tool is Adobe flex and has to be coded to accept the £ sign. Can anyone please help on fixing this problem all other symbols and text work fine just the pound sign. So I am stuck with the option of nine fonts and pound sign working, or more fonts and no pound sign and being in the UK I need the pound sign and fonts. I am not sure what flex software it is the developer just says its Adobe flex I can send you the url of the site if you would like to see the design tool.


      Kind regards Alan