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    create a preloader in flash cc canvas html5


      Hi there,

      I am creating a website in Flash cc canvas html5.

      How do I create a preloader for my pages?


      Lis S

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          Missekatten2 Level 1

          Hi Again,

          I have tried to use heartcode canvasloader ( Heartcode CanvasLoader Creator | Smarter than an animated GIF ).

          Here is the result: http://www.lis-sinding.dk/preloadertest/

          The preloader will not disappear after the page has been loaded. Anybody know the javascript code for hiding the preloader animation, when the page is loaded?

          What is wrong?

          Before </head> I inserted this script:


          <script type="text/javascript" src="http://heartcode-canvasloader.googlecode.com/files/heartcode-canvasloader-min.js"></script>


          <style type="text/css">


          .wrapper {










          body {

              margin-left: 16%;

              margin-top: 0%;



          <div id="canvasloader-container" class="wrapper"></div>


          <script type="text/javascript">


          var cl = new CanvasLoader('canvasloader-container');


          cl.setDiameter(75); //default is 40


          cl.setDensity(50); //default is 40


          cl.setRange(0.75); //default is 1.3


          cl.setSpeed(2); //default is 2


          cl.setFPS(14); //default is 24


          cl.setColor('#28409c'); //default is '#000000'


          var loaderObj = document.getElementById("CanvasLoader");


          loaderObj.style.position = "absolute";


          loaderObj.style["margin-top"] = loaderObj.height*-.5 + "px";


          loaderObj.style["margin-left"] = loaderObj.width * -.5 + "px";




          Hope anybody can help me



          Lis S