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    InDesign CC, can't export to html, can't access unneeded file


      In the latest build of InDesign CC (July 2014), the export process to HTML has changed. You used to be able to export a book directly to filtered HTML files. Now the option is no longer in the Book menu, and you must go through the main menu, which does not allow filtered HTML option. I keep getting a crash when I open the resulting HTML file, "Can't access .jar file from SiteBuilder,"--a Yahoo HTML creation program, which I formerly used. The book file contains  only embedded jpg photo files and InDesign documents for chapters, but it calls for this unrelated and unconnected .jar file. Also, It is impossible to choose the "From Selection" option, only the "From Document" option, so I can't export the whole book into HTML, which previous versions enabled me to do.I'm stuck, and now Adobe has stopped offering phone support to subscribers. After wasting a whole day on this single issue, I'm fed up. Is it time to scrap InDesign?  Also, how do you edit an e-pub file created by InDesign? (It misplaces the photo captions)  Dreamwdeavce should be able to do it, but I can't figure out how. Any help would be appreciated. Peter