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    Shade a segment of a circle in ID CS5?

    MacEachaidh Level 1

      I'm using ID CS5 on Win 7.  In the document, I have a fairly simple graphic I've drawn with the tools in InDesign.


      It's two circles that partially overlap.  I need the overlapped segment that's common to both circles to be shaded in some way, while the rest of noth circles remains empty.  I'm not particular about how the shading is achieved — it can be a tint of grey, or the old standby of etchings of straight parallel lines, closely spaced, tilted at an angle — but it needs to fill only that almond-shaped overlap segment.


      I've looked at making the circles a compound shape, but I can't see any way of isolating just the shared space.  I know, I'm stepping outside what ID was designed for, so it may not be possible at all using just this one program.


      But any suggestions would be gratefully received.  Thanks.