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    Coldfusion Builder 3: Tag Editor, does it exist?

    Perkley Level 1

      I see in the help file for ColdFusion Builder 2 that it used to have a tag editor.  The keystroke doesn't seem to do anything and I can't find anything in ColdFusion Builder 3 that resembles a tag editor.  I am new to ColdFusion Builder as I have been using HomeSite for a long time, but finally decided to make the jump.  I am really liking everything I see, but the one thing I am having a hard time with is being able to do standard HTML, like loading an image tag in an editor and choose a picture and it will pull the width and height for me.  Or being able to just drag an image onto my code and have it create the image tag with the link.


      I have searched around the program and finding nothing, can anyone shed any light on whether this exists or not?  If not, what is the way I should get used to.


      Right now I see that I can press Ctrl+Space when I am on existing image file name in a <img > tag and I can double-click to open the file editor, but then I have to double-click on the filename and it just inserts it in between my image text, so then I have to modify the text, and then I need to open windows explorer and properties on the image so I can get the size and then update those fields.


      Thank you for any light you can shed on this, because I really do like the editor now.  I did try CFB2 and it was crashing and clunky so I kept using HomeSite, but now I think I will make the change.

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          I would just like to bump this question up as I cannot for the life of me find any reference to Tag Editor in CF Builder 3. Nor any reference to it being removed. Is this a bug?



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            Kaif Akbar Level 1

            I would check its detail and would let you know if its available through the feature or workaround..

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              ASA1839 Level 1

              So almost 2 months later and no word yet? Can someone from Adobe PLEASE answer this question?



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                charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                @Tim, not the official answer you want, but to be clear, there are MANY things that were in CF Builder 2, which are no longer in CFBuilder 3. And they are NOT all documented individually as having been dropped.


                You can find various places from Adobe that discuss how and why CF Builder 3 is so different from CFB 2, such as ColdFusion Thunder – It’s all new IDE — Adobe ColdFusion Blog. The biggest point is that CFBuilder 2 had included a bundled commercial tool called Aptana, which offered some of those HTML-oriented features you seek (though not nearly as much as would be found in Dreamweaver, and to a lesser extent HomeSite). They dropped that Aptana plugin in CFB3 for a number of reasons (see the link), and while they rewrote some of the things it did, they simply did not completely replicate it.


                So yes, you may find things discussed in CFB2 docs that are not in CFB3, and nothing may delineate its specific removal. And yes, you may find that some things you (and many of us) loved in HS (or DW) never made it to CFB at all. They are 3 different tools, each with different focuses. Sadly, not all CFML developers are the same, and no one fits everyone. There are things each do that the other does not. With CFBuilder now the only CFML editor from Adobe, that does leave some "out in the cold". You may want to check out Sublime Text, which many former users of all 3 editors/IDEs have found was a good middle ground solution for them.


                Finally, as for no one from Adobe having responded, I'll just point out that there is no guarantee of Adobe replies in these forums. They are community-supported. Adobe folks MAY well respond to some, but I'm afraid you just can't expect that.


                Hope this was helpful, at least.