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    More Problems with Clips

    Stepp Chizzel

      I thought everything was working fine yesterday but when I try to open the premiere Elements it takes me to my folders instead of opening right up. Then when I select the right folder it says that its damaged. Please help.

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          Stepp Chizzel Level 1

          The program is not opening the way it use to

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Stepp Chizzel


            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


            This is what I am suspecting is your problem. Are you trying to open a saved/closed Premiere Elements 10 project, and are greeted by

            a dialog "Where is the file...(gives name of missing file)?" If you are, that could mean two things


            1. After you saved closed this project, you moved, deleted, or renamed files and folders for files for this project


            2. You have your files on an external hard drive and the external hard drive

            a. is not plugged in

            b. the drive letter of the external hard drive has changed

            c. other


            If you are caught in this missing media situation, then you use the "Where is the file.....?" message to reconnect your files to the project.

            The important question becomes do you know where the originals for the imported files are? Can you see them where they are at their computer

            hard drive save location?


            Please review what I have written here and in your other thread which I now believe to be a duplicate of this one.

            We will be looking forward to your follow with details to help us help you.


            Thank you.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Stepp Chizzel


              Add On to previous reply...


              Can you open a new project and import media without problem?



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                Stepp Chizzel Level 1

                I'm using 64 bit os. And yes it is saying where is the file but its in Adobe Elements 12. I have Adobe Elements 12 but use 10 right now for my projects. It just stopped. I use to save it and it will pop up without having to go into a file  right on the home page.

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                  Stepp Chizzel Level 1

                  Yes I can.

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                    Stepp Chizzel Level 1

                    I have located the files and copied them over to computer. But My problem is when I first try to open the project. It says its damaged

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                      Stepp Chizzel Level 1

                      Also I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7

                        Stepp Chizzel


                        Thank you for the reply with further details of your problem.


                        You say that you  are using Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer. Is that correct?


                        When you get one of the "Where Is the file....?" message, within the dialog, do you go to the place where you know the file is? Are you picking

                        the file at that location that has the same name the the "Where is the file...?" message is asking for?


                        What happens...after you click on the file to select it at its location and then click on the Select of the dialog, is that when you are getting the

                        message about a damaged file? If so, what type of files are involved....video, audio, still....?


                        Do you know what triggered this problem? Were you moving, deleting, renaming files after the project save/close or are you having problems

                        with an external hard drive where you were keeping the files that you use in the project?


                        When you get that "Where is the file....?" message, there is a Skip All button. Click on that to get into the project. When you do, how many files are missing?

                        The missing files will all have colorful media offline displays. How many files survived?



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                          Stepp Chizzel Level 1

                          I'm using Adobe Premiere Element 10 and Windows 7 Home Edition.The problem occur when I open up the Adobe Elements 10. The file normally sits right in the box and I can just click the file there and it would open. Now it opens up a file location box and I have to click on a file then replace all the clips that were lost.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7

                            Stepp Chizzel


                            Have you been able to replace all the missing files in the Premiere Elements 10 project on Windows 7 64 bit?


                            Somewhere along the line those imports got disconnected from the project.


                            When you import files into a project, you have just copies of the originals in the project. And, those copies have to trace back to the originals that are still there in the computer hard drive save location. Where were those originals being stored....in Documents on C drive or on an external hard drive.


                            You will get that unusual opening of that project until you have reconnected everyone of the missing files. And, you will know what files are missing by the red colorful display of them in the Timeline and in the Project Media area. The best way to get beyond the "Where is the file....?" messages is to click on Skip All in the first message that you get.That will not solve the problem, but it will allow you into the project to see how many files are affected. It is either that or going through all the messages until there are no more.


                            If it getting too confusing, your only choice may be to start a new project and be sure

                            a. no moving, deleting, or renaming of files/folder after the project is saved closed

                            b. watching the external hard drive to make sure it is working OK and the drive letter is not changing


                            If the problem persists in a new project, then we need to know that so that we can adjust our troubleshooting strategy.


                            Please let us know of your progress.


                            Thank you.