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    Error "this moov file is damaged or unsupported"

    rikbogusz Level 1

      todd, i've been having this issue with cc14 for a few weeks now on my main system. (windows 8.1, update 1,  48gb ram, gtx 780, intel 3930k cpu) i installed cc14 within a day or two of availability and it behaved as expected. approx 3 weeks ago, i began getting the same errors with all quicktime files, "...error cannot be imported...". i've had an adobe support engineer vpn to my machine to troubleshoot to no avail, i've completely uninstalled then reinstalled quicktime 7.7.5, after effects cc14, tried the permissions fix, and i can't recall what else. i can  open the same .aep projects in cc, and everything behaves a-ok.so i've gone back to 12 for all my work.

      this is the first time i've had any serious issues moving up to the next version of ae ever, and that goes back to version 4.0. i'm at a loss. 

      i'll be building a new editing system to replace an aging macpro in the next week, if that install on a fresh system goes without a hitch, i guess i'll back this one up, wipe the boot drive and do new installs of everything.