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    Will not authorize this computer with my new Win 7 using German


      We have installed Win7 and now Adobe Digital Editions only works sometimes with some of the books we have previously aquired.

      This is a product we use in Germany, it tells us that the book is to be found in C:\users\....... but this Win7 is in GERMAN and

      it should be C:\Benutzer\........

      One book I have been able to transfer from C:\users   to C:\Benutzer but the rest of the books demand a re-authorization of the thing.

      I wish to RE-Authorize the application but it no longer recognizes the old password.

      I cannot use the link "have you forgotten your password?" because it brings me to :




      This link is Broken!


      How can I authorize the computer to use this application and these already downloaded books again?


      User is WaltrautKoehler1@gmx.de