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    Presenter 8 -- need help with proper settings to allow quiz retake (with a NEW set of questions from a random pool)


      We are publishing a Presenter 8 quiz to an LMS in a SCORM format.  I am having trouble with the following:  the quiz is built with multiple question groups, and a limited number of questions are being selected from each group.  E.g. we have 80+ questions in total, and 25 are presented to a user on a given attempt.


      When a user fails the quiz and exits the quiz normally, we want them to study and try again.  I set the quiz settings to allow infinite attempts, and set the LMS settings to make sure the quiz is not presented in "review mode".  When I test this quiz by failing it the first time, when I reenter the quiz, I am taken to the last slide in the quiz (which is the last one I viewed), and I can retake the quiz by navigating back to the first question.


      Here's the problem:  I am presented with the SAME set of questions, rather than a NEW set of random questions.  This will facilitate cheating (all a user has to do is take the quiz once, review the answers, and then take it again to pass it).


      How do I insure that the user is presented with a NEW set of questions when I retake the quiz?


      I am open to upgrading to Adobe Presenter 10, but would rather not have to do so.  There must be some setting I'm missing.


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