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    , Page Numbering/TOC in InDesign CS5


      Hi, I am using InDesign CS5 and need some help showing the page numbers for a section that will be added after printing.

      I have almost completed a low volume 400+ page book (60 copies) and need some special numbering.

      I am using 8 & 16pp signatures in this book. The first section is: Front Matter, the second section is for Front Text, the Center Section is a color photo album with 40pp (2-16pp & 1-8pp signatures), and the fourth section is Back Text.

      The Center Section will be printed on a color printer and hand inserted at the binders. I have no problem with the numbering of all the sections, but I would like to have the center section to be included in the Table of Contents of the book. I could update the TOC manually but as I move things around that would be a lot of work and I might have errors later. I hope that I made this question clear enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated.