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    Lightroom Search Quotes AND Operators OR "Just Better"

    cliffclof Level 1

      I found some locked posts from as far back as 2010 that explained in detail why this needs to happen.    I'm a bit baffled that lightroom has not made it easier to select multiple exact photos by searching similar to Window 7 search.  With the ability to select photos and choose "open as layers in Photoshop" this feature alone is worth the time spent to code a better search/filter.


      Anyone have a solution to how I can search my photos in lightroom and return just the ones I want?


      Like this for "contains all":  "large pig" OR "big antelope" OR pizza NOT pork


      Or for instance if choosing "contains" like this: "large pig" "big antelope" pizza NOT pork


      Seems like basic stuff here, am I missing a reason to why this search is the best way to do it?






      PS. One more thing: Grid view, Loupe view, Compare view, Survey view.....   Why can't I get a List view or File View of just names?