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    Exporting vs. Printing to PDF


      Hi everyone - I work on real estate flyers on a daily basis and one of the things we usually have in there is a map (that is made in Adobe Illustrator) and lately, there has been a problem with the words bleeding over the map. This was never an issue with Adobe InDesign 5.5 before, but with the new Adobe InDesign CC (and CC 2014), it does it. The only way for me to fix it is instead of Exporting to PDF (like I usually do), I Print to PDF and that solves it.


      My question is, why is it doing this and is there a way to solve the issue so when I export, it doesn't do that? Also, it doesn't do this with every flyer I make, it's like, maybe 1in 10 do it. So weird!


      Please see here for an example of what I am talking about:


      When I Export to PDF to Save - Weird

      Flyer _ Export to PDF.jpg

      When I Print to PDF to Save - Perfect!

      Flyer_Print to PDF.jpg


      Thank you for any and all help you can provide!!!