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    How to know the extension of an EPR preset

    BillClag Community Member

      WE have the integrator put only the presets they want the user to user for our Export Controller plug-in. They copy the presets from the Premiere MediaIO/statempresets/ folder.


      When we get the EPR file it does not tell me what the file extension should be.


      How do I determine the extension for the file to be saved in my Export Controller from the EPR preset file?

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          Zac Lam Employee Hosts

          For any following along, here's what I shared with Bill a few weeks back:

          You could dig inside the .epr and look at:


          In this case, 1299148630 == 0x4D6F6F56 == ‘MooV’ == .mov

          It gets a little more tricky when you have multiple possibilities for file extensions.


          For exporters, there’s the selector exSelQueryExportFileExtension, which is called by the host app.  However, the info returned by the exporter here isn’t currently passed along to export controllers, which is somewhat of a shortcoming.  So there’s currently no good way through the API.  This would probably belong as a feature request, if you want to see this done in the future.