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    Acrobat X:  Restrictions Not Being Assigned Properly, Allows Cut and Paste from Secure Document


      We're using Acrobat X Pro to add security to PDFs that were made in PDF995  (not sure if that is relevant, but it might be.)


      We are setting it to allow Printing, but not any Editing, Extraction, or anything else except Content Accessibility.


      It's being done on a PC, and then sent to me where I am opening it up on Abobe Reader X on a Mac.


      OK, so it requires a password to open, but then I am able to cut and paste all the content of the PDF into another document.  :-(   The person who made it on the PC says he cannot copy to clipboard.


      Also, when I open up Properties, I see:

      PDF Document Properties.jpg



      But when I click on Show Details, I see: 

      PDF Show Details.jpg


      So, as you can see, it is not consistent.  It's the Show Details page that seems to properly represent what we assigned, but document is acting like what is listed on the Document Properties page.


      And, I should note (and so I will), that the person making the document on PC has no inconsistencies between the two Properties lists on his side.


      Any ideas?  Could it have anything to do with how the original PDF was made?  Could it have to do with leaving the permission for Content Accessibility on?