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    Copy/Sync Metadata dialog opens with all empty fields after upgrading Elements 10 catalog



      I am evaluating the trial version of LightRoom 5.5.  After testing the application with a temporary catalog, I executed the Upgrade Photoshop Elements catalog to create a new LightRoom catalog from a Elements 10 catalog.  Everything looks good.  All keywords and metadata from the Elements catalogs were imported.  However, when I attempt a Copy or Sync Metadata operation on one of the photos, the copy/sync dialog box opens with all empty fields.  None of the metadata and keywords for the photo are populated in the dialog.  As a result, I cannot automatically copy or sync metadata and keywords from my Elements photos.  As part of my troubleshooting, I imported a photo into the catalog.  I was able to see the metadata from the imported photo in the dialog box.  I have search LightRoom support but have not found any potential solutions.  Any suggestions?