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    Question  Regarding the Time Limits on the DRM Books


      I have just realized I can connect my ereader (Kindle) to my Windows 8.1 laptop and download the books I get from NetGalley (that are all DRM) to the Kindle.


      When downloading to an ereader, will the book still contain the DRM time limits for use like it does when in the Digital Reader from Adobe. I think NetGalley gives 60 days from download and then the file will no longer load. I do not always have the time within 60 days due to the number of other books that must be read and reviewed prior to the DRM book, but the DRM must be downloaded by a certain date--after which it is archive and no more downloads are allowed, even if approved for the book.


      Here is my question: 


      By transferring the DRM book from the Adobe Digital Reader to my Kindle, will the tie lilmits disappear, allowing me to keep and read the book for as long as I keep the file in my Kindle?


      Thank you.