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    PS corrupts my LR image

    Bill Neill

      When I take an image from LR to PS and make a simple adjustment and then save, when i return to the LR image, there is one to several colored blocks which cannot be removed.  This is a recent ocurance.  What is the problem?  I have already uninstalled and re installed  I use CC.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          How are you making the adjustments. And how are you saving the file in Photoshop.  Photoshop supports layers and LR does not. Photoshop can save layered Tiff files I don't use LR but my guess is LR would have problems if you save a layered tif file in Photoshop.

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            Bill Neill Level 1

            LR is a natural and integrated part of the PS suite.  I have like most

            photographers become accustomed to organizing and doing basic PP in LR

            and sending it to PS when something a little more advanced is needed.

            Once done with the task, you just use plain old SAVE and it

            automatically returns your image to LR. Recently it began doing this and

            sending colored blocks as well which you cannot get rid of.   Adobe has

            the worst customer service on the planet, so getting one of their people

            to help seems remote. Their are a gazillion layers of meaningless menus

            and FAQ's that lead nowhere and never an email or phone to a support



            Kindest Regards,


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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The forums probably have more intelligent life, anyway, at least for troubleshooting issues that aren’t install or licensing or actual bugs that many people report.


              Where in the process do you initially see the colored blocks—between adjustments you do in LR and the view after you do a Save back to LR, or do you mean these are older images that you’ve saved back for PS a long time ago, and are just now looking bad?

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                Please do not save a file you find corrupt in LR. Close it out. The open the file in PS is the block there too?. Is the document layered or Flat?  Photoshop plain old SAVE can save a Tif file Flattened or Layered.  LR does not support layers...

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                  Bill Neill Level 1

                  Here is an example step by step I just took recently.  Open new image in

                  LR adjust WB and exposure.  From LR click on edit in PS.  Once in PS use

                  lasso to remove a flaw and use content aware fill.  Hit SAVE.

                  Image now has a colored block.  Try to clone it out and it will not

                  clone out.  It is like Adobe thinks I have a trial version and is

                  putting crap on my image.


                  Kindest Regards,


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                    Bill Neill Level 1

                    You misread post.  File is fine in LR I move it to PS, remove a flaw

                    using content aware. Hit save.  Close PS  LR image has colored block now

                    which cannot be removed.


                    Kindest Regards,


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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      I do not believe I misread your post.  You used lightroom processed an image.  Because Lightroom is not a full function image editor you then used Lightroom to passed the Lightroom processed image to Photoshop (most likely a tiff) and proceeded to make adjustments and change.  Then you used good old save.


                      Good OLD SAVE  if the document pass to Photoshop was a Tif.  Good old save will default to TIF file.  If during you processing in Photoshop you added Photoshop layers.  Good old save can save the document as a Layered Tif or a Flattened Tif.  If it save the Tiff as a layered Tif file. The file will not be compatible with lighroom.  You need to to save a flat file for Lightroom.   You loose your work layers and the changed saved file is no longer being processed in a non destructive manner but Lightroon should be able to work with the flat tif file.


                      You never answered the question I asked what you did you do in Photoshop? What adjustments did make? What tools did you use  in Photoshop?


                      One of the reasons I don't use Lightroom is it does not support layers it not a full fledged Adobe image editor.

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                        Bill Neill Level 1

                        forgive me for not understanding completely PS and PS terms.  It has

                        been working flawlessly for months and this is a new development.  Here

                        is a typical flow.  LR open DNG.  Select edit in PS.

                        Use lasso and content aware fill (one of the go to's for non PS savvy PS

                        users from LR.) Hit SAVE. LR image now has sqare.  I may have been

                        replying to the wrong post.  I thought the assumtion was that the LR

                        image was corrupted prior to opening in PS, which is not the case.  You

                        may have solved the problem however, by mentioning the layers and the

                        Tiff issue.

                        I just started to use Nik software, and I'll bet the DNG format is

                        changed before going to PS.  I will try using PS first on a test photo

                        and see if it works by reversing the order.

                        thank you for your help by the way.


                        Kindest Regards,


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                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                          It took a while but we got there as I wrote in the first append LR does not support Layers.... Please mark the thread as answered.