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    Workspace missing

    mikecox_ Level 1

      I created a Workspace in PsCC on my desktop


      I have PsCC on my Laptop as well but that Workspace is not on it; and I don't remember how I created it.  Is  there a way to import a workspace from a PsCC on another computer.


      Isn't PsCC always be in sync with copies on other machines, on the same network.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Workspaces are saved in you Photoshop Preferences.  You may want to sync the activated Photoshop with the workspace to the cloud the sync the activated photoshop without the workspace  from the cloud.




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            SG... Adobe Employee



            What platform are you using? And which versions of Ps do you have on your laptop and your desktop (tower?). There are 2 PsCC major versions at this point and the workspace syncing is just supported in the recent major release (15.0 aka 2014), and only between similar OSes (IOW not between Win and OSX).


            There is a way to move your workspace file manually from one version to the next if you still have the file. I'll reply with paths once I know your platform.