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    A Beginner's Request


      I am a beginner in Adobe software and I am working on an intro for my website using After Effects. I would appreciate it if someone could help me. My computer is a Mac and I use Teamviewer to cooperate in long distance partnerships. My Skype is cspencer3358. Add me and leave a message for further details.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It would help if you could define what you are trying to do a little more. AE can do just about anything with video but it is not the right tool to create a website intro.

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            kwdelre Level 1

            Like Rick mentioned, it doesn't sound like you are aiming to use the right software (although it can be done, just not the best tool). I'm not being curt, but I doubt someone is going to jump on and walk you through the beginner steps, especially when you want them to help by reaching out to you and leaving a message. You have a long road ahead of learning this deep software. But the good news is there are years worth of tutorials out there. You can do it, just don't let yourself think it will be quick or easy. Best of luck to you on your project.

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              KiddChris Level 1

              It's a YouTube that will be displayed on my website's homepage. If you have the time we can talk on Skype (I only voice-chat). I could use the lecture on AE and PS. I watch YouTube videos, but sometimes things don't always go accordingly.

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                KiddChris Level 1

                I wrote a response to Rick and it applies to you too. Thanks for taking the time to help, and I hope we can communicate and help each other in the future.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  This is a public forum and all freely given help on this forum, by me at least is, intended for everyone. If you can pose a specific question for specific effect you want to achieve, we can formulate an answer let me help you help you and others on the forum. If you want private lessons then I have to charge for that.