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    ‘Sync Settings’ in After Effects CC 2014 wont sync after incremental AECC2014.0.0 - AECC2014.0.1 update


      After doing an incremental update from AECC 2014.0.0 to AECC 2014.0.1 the Sync Settings dialogue doesn't work.

      After clicking on ‘Sync Settings’ I get:


      ‘Authentication failed. Check network connection, Adobe ID, and password. Please try again’.

      After checking all of those things (network, password etc) I try again but there's no change and I get the same error dialogue again.

      I then tried ‘Use settings from a different account’ but still using my existing Adobe login details but I still get the sync dialogue error message.

      What's the story morning glory?

      Running AECC 2014.0.1 on MacBook Pro - 10.9.4