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    Question Paper with Self-Marked answers


      Hi, brand new to this community so apologies for any mistakes made.


      I work in education and teach maths to adults. I would like to make a question paper for overachieving learners but do not have the time to mark it, therefore I need the sheet to be able to mark it for me. I was thinking along the lines of having a textbox for the learner to write their answer in with 2 check boxes next to it, one is a tick and the other is a cross. Once the learner completes, they click a command button at the bottom which states will mark the work. If the answer is correct, the tick in the checkbox is displayed. If it is wrong, the other checkbox (X) is displayed.


      I think I need a Java script which would look at what is written in the text box and compare it to an answer but I do not know where to start. If it was in Excel, I would be able to use IF statements.


      It should look like:



      Q1) What is 2+2?

      [__________________]     []  []


      Q2) What is 5x5?

      [__________________]     []  []


      *Command Button* [Check Answers]



      Appreciate everyone's time viewing this, thanks.