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    Connection drops while publishing - partial drafts are published

      I can connect fine and the program seems to work fine until I try to Publish Drafts.... it looks like it is working publishing changes but then hangs on the top update bar about half-way through ----the lower "Waiting for Server" bar moves slowly before finally popping out an error message that the server is either down or not accepting connections.. (which isn't the case because I'm connected fine before trying to publish and can reconnet with no apparent problems). Its only when I click "Publish" that this happens..... and it starts publishing changes before timing out and dropping...

      and the kicker... it actually does publish some of the changes to the site ---with errors --- parts I didnt change or touch get messed up... so everything is really messed up now and I need the draft to FULLY publish.... so it looks like the draft.........hellllp ... please!!!