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    Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!

    ciphermedia Level 1

      Just downloaded & installed Lightroom 5.6. It seems to be running really slow, taking 5 - 8 seconds to see any response to some commands in the develop module. For example, if I hold down the option key whilst adjusting the white levels, the on-screen response seems to lag markedly. It's a bit inconsistent as to when it happens - sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's reallly slow.


      Am running on an iMac 2.7 GHz core i5 with 32 GB of ram. Never had any speed issues before with previous versions.


      Wondering whether anybody else is having problems with 5.6?

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          Images of RMNP Level 1

          I'm having the same problems on my Windows 7 PC and I haven't had this on previous versions of LR.

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            Hal P Anderson Level 6

            On the other hand, LR 5.6 runs just fine on my 8 GB 64-bit Win 7.



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              Antonio GdM Level 1

              lightroom 5.6

              It is a ****.

              The previous version was working without problems.

              the new It is blocked on having synchronized a folder.

              come back to the previous version.


              I have windows 7 whith SSD for programs.

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                Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                Hi ciphermedia,


                Have you tried going through the suggestions in this Optimization document? helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/optimize-performance-lightroom.html




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                  SilverMoose Level 1

                  I've just found the same thing on my 2012 i7 15" macbook pro running 16 gig ram and 500GB SSD. Changes or edits to settings were instant on 5.5 and now taking about 4-5 seconds of screen lag before applying any settings...


                  I've optimised all settings based on the suggestion of Pete.Green but still slow....

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                    areohbee Level 6

                    So far, Lr5.6 has been a bum release for me too (win7/64-8GB) - can not get it to work reliably, except with a new catalog, or new prefs.


                    I'll keep y'all posted..




                    Summary, I:

                    * installed Lr5.6: problems.

                    * re-installed Lr5.5 - no problems.

                    * re-installed Lr5.6 - problems.

                    * re-installed Lr5.5 - no problems again.


                    So clearly there is something about my setup that Lr5.6 is not happy about, or vice versa if you prefer.


                    I'll probably try to figure out what's causing the rub, but for now I'm gonna try to get some more mileage from Lr5.5.


                    Problem summary: Lotsa blue spinning donut, and non-responsiveness.., instead of operating reliably.


                    PS - never had problems with previous updates (I've installed all of them since Lr2-beta).





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                      BKKDon Level 4



                      Yes it is a lot slower than the v5.5 release, have always optimized the settings.


                      And the annoying screen flicker when working in the grid view is back with a vengeance.


                      My environments are,


                      Win 7 x64, 8GB, 4 x Intel I7, GT 540M - 1GB, Intous 5 Tablet

                      Win 8.1 x64, 16GB, i7-4700MQ, GT 745M - 4GB, Intuos Pen & Touch


                      Hopefully it isn't affecting the Win 8.1 installation, will report back if it is.

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                        macray411 Level 1

                        it has not been mentioned here before:


                        I find that the export of pictures takes much longer than before.

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                          ZackPP Level 1

                          Mine wont open after update from CC. Switched of microsoft essentials and all antivirus. Still very slow and not able to work

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                            ciphermedia Level 1

                            Thanks Pete. Happy to give this a try - though judging from the responses from other people to this thread, I'm not sure how effective  it will be. Seems lie a number of people are having similar problems.

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                              areohbee Level 6

                              Most often, the optimizations will help it run a little faster, but won't fix core problems.


                              In other words: when you need a big hammer, a small hammer just won't do..



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                                areohbee Level 6

                                In my case - problem found, and fixed, by strategic placement of a single LrTasks.yield statement in my plugin framework code (that which is shared by almost all of my plugins).


                                It seems Lr5.6 does not like repeated calls to catalog:withWriteAccessDo without yielding in between which some of my plugins were doing upon startup. Something was getting locked out for too long, and it was making Lr very cranky, even long after the fact..


                                Pass it on.. (to the developers..).



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                                  Images of RMNP Level 1

                                  My problems with LR 5.6 being terribly slow were fixed with a simple reboot after installation.

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                                    Julie Kmoch Adobe Employee

                                    Rob, thanks for the tip. I am curious though if there was some long process running that actually completed by the time you did your experiment. Could I trouble you to try restoring the old code to see if the sluggishness comes back?


                                    For example, if there was some pending or blocked sync activity that the upgrade actually fixed, you could have had a sudden torrent of background activity that bogged things down temporarily.



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                                      I'm having the same problem on OSX 10.9.4 after installing LR5.6 all tiny adjustments made will take 5-6 seconds to show, some ever longer, spiking CPU usage to 70%.


                                      This is seriously the most frustrating and ridiculous update ever!!!!


                                      I need to get some work done but this is making workflow utterly impossible.

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                                        Julie Kmoch Adobe Employee

                                        Does it get better if you turn off Lr mobile syncing? (Of course, that assumes that you have it enabled and have some collections marked for sync.)  You can stop sync activity from the ID plate menu.


                                        Our intent is to stall syncing during develop operations, but I'm wondering if that logic is getting foiled somehow.

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                                          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                          It's odd as other's are reporting they feel 5.6 is actually faster than 5.5**. I see that a tad on this end (totally unscientific) where in Grid, thumbnails seem to load faster. Running OS X.

                                          **Adobe Releases Lightroom 5.6

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                                            Keith_Reeder Level 4

                                            5.6 feels faster all round than 5.5 on my Win 7 64 bit box, Andrew...

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                                              areohbee Level 6

                                              Hi Julie,


                                              I think you nailed it. Once Lr5.6 was able to finish whatever extra business it had to do during or immediately after startup (in other words: after operating with the yield in place for a while), the yield was no longer necessary (works without the yield now). I'm leaving it in though .


                                              Lr5.6 working like a well-oiled machine now (~same as Lr5.5 - no faster nor slower that I can tell..).




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                                                Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                                                This user changed graphics settings and it sped up LR for his MBP: https://twitter.com/munkymorgy/status/495454509054050304


                                                Not 100% verified yet, but worth a try. See if this setting is the one: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4110




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                                                  rtc1 Level 1

                                                  I have had very slow (and very frustrating) response when assigning keywords to multiple photos in library module.  More of an issue with large groups of photos.  Windows 7, 6GB.  Previous versions worked fine.  Develop module seems fine.

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                                                    Figit090 Level 1

                                                    HOLY COW!  I'm experiencing the same horrid slowdown.  Lightroom 5.6, Win 7 64 Bit, currently running only 8gb ram to weed out possibility of a bad stick (this one has been great) and doing TONS of images but my ram is only filled to around 50% capacity.  LR 5.5 was a tad worse than 5.4, but 5.6 is AWEFUL!!  When I press ctrl+f to switch to fullscreen, it takes about 10 seconds to switch, and bringing focus to lightroom actually slows my mouse pointer down!  If I maximize/window lightroom, it chokes and takes more seconds to figure itself out.  Also, pressing the "Sync" switch takes about 4 seconds to work, regardless of the # of images selected.  Overall the whole interface including menu popups is very, very slow



                                                    Once open and going along, things seem workable but now I have to look into how to downgrade safely I suppose...  and at a very inconvenient time.    How do I downgrade?

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                                                      catmandoodle Level 1

                                                      Same here. I optimized. It seemed to work better for a few minutes then it was slow again. Unacceptable!

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                                                        catmandoodle Level 1

                                                        And I might add that it still crashes when starting up a slide-show in the slideshow module. I thought they fixed that in this version.

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                                                          Figit090 Level 1

                                                          after a reboot of the OS, mine gets a bit better but regularly (every day) it slows down again.  a catalog optimization doesn't help a whole lot.

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                                                            iamshilov Level 1

                                                            I've noticed that shutting down Google Chrome drastically speeds up things. So my advice if you're running browser in the background, try closing it and see if it makes any difference for you. Yeah, and it has to be closed for good as in no background activity at all if you have it setup to stay in the system tray.

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                                                              Figit090 Level 1

                                                              I've noticed that with internet explorer!  I've been using it for a few days because I couldn't use chrome (too many tabs for downgraded 8gb ram).  I'm bummed and glad to hear we have a common potential cause.  How much ram do you have, and how much does your browser utilize when you notice the slowdown?  What about CPU usage while you're using LR, what's using the CPU?



                                                              I built my computer to multitask and when I go back to running 32gb ram I'll be pretty disappointed if I can't run multiple programs while lightroom is open simply because there's a process conflict or something.  Until 5.5 and 5.6 I've been able to do just fine heavily filled ram (just no running or leaky webpage processes soaking up the CPU).

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                                                                iamshilov Level 1

                                                                I've got just 8gb ram, but previous LR versions never seemed to be affected by this (actually I don't know who to blame, adobe for the latest updates or nvidia for latest drivers). Also, it doesn't matter how many tabs are open or how much CPU the browser utilizes — the idle process of one chrome instance alone (one window with one tab) makes things go slow.

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                                                                  Figit090 Level 1

                                                                  crud!  that's EXACTLY what I did not want to hear.  what graphics unit and GPU combo are you running?  I'm on a 3770k with the on-board hd4000 graphics, gpu driver version


                                                                  Ever since I had bad issues with a graphics driver update handling my dual screen environment I've avoided updates.  There's at least one new driver but I'm in the middle of a job and will not try updating at the moment.  I feel this is a lightroom issue, for the only updates I have applied are general Windows 7 security updates, and Lightroom version updates.  If you're running NVidia drivers I'm guessing you have a dedicated NVidia GPU? 


                                                                  Has adobe responded at all to this, and do we expect them to in this thread?  Terribly frustrating.

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                                                                    iamshilov Level 1

                                                                    I've got a laptop with i7-3630qm and gtx 660m. Latest drivers and all.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!
                                                                      zitemedia Level 1



                                                                      Late 2012 MBP 15" Retina with 8GB RAM and OSX 10.9.4 here....


                                                                      just to let you know that installing the "gfxcardstatus" app and then forcing it to "Integrated Only" fixed the problems for me.

                                                                      Even if this provides a fix for now, i still hope Adobe will quickly release an update and ensure such tricks aren't necessary... 

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                                                                        Figit090 Level 1

                                                                        STILL having the issue.  I have to restart lightroom about four times throughout a heavy working day, it starts to lag after I've gone through a few hundred images and optimization does not help.  It's like the program is a funnel slowly filling up until I can't switch modules quickly anymore.  Eventually every module switch or maximizing/windowing the interface takes seconds and I have to shut down lightroom.  It's decent when I get it back up again but this is almost as bad as when it was crashing regularly on LR 5.4.


                                                                        This is more than irritating, it's hurting my workflow considerably. 

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                                                                          Figit090 Level 1

                                                                          Any changes anyone?


                                                                          Can we expect help from adobe in this thread or are we on our own???

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                                                                            areohbee Level 6

                                                                            Figit090 wrote:


                                                                            Can we expect help from adobe in this thread or are we on our own???

                                                                            Although 2 different Adobe employees have participated in this thread, I think for the most part - you are on your own. I mean, Adobe keeps an eye out for performance issues, and tries to improve every release, but no matter what they do, EVERY time they release a new version, somebody's performance improves, and somebody's takes a dive - there are a lot of variables, and dependence on 3rd party code libraries they have no control over, etc..


                                                                            The fact that Lr5 (and 4, and 3, and 2, and 1) works (or worked) well for most people, means you can get it working if you try hard enough, which means making changes to your hardware and/or software (especially OS and drivers, but also other background services) and/or critical data files (especially those directly pertaining to Lightroom, but also those pertaining to other running software..).



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                                                                              penderra Level 1

                                                                              I have found that, with LR Sync on, LR keeps grabbing 20-30 of the CPU. This happens even when there are no files that need synced. It seems to me that LR is constantly looking for changes, so I turn sync off, except when there are files to be synced.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!
                                                                                Rick Oz Level 1

                                                                                I fixed the problem, delete 5.6 and reinstall 5.4 on a MacbookPro Retina 16g ram.  For me 5.6 and 5.5 were to slow to even work in.


                                                                                Should get a credit on my cc subscription for this slooooooow Down

                                                                                • 37. Re: Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!
                                                                                  deepsoul13 Level 1

                                                                                  Just confirming very slow performance on my system too.


                                                                                  Lightroom CC 5.6 x64, Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Intel i7-3770k, 16gb ram, Samsung 240 Pro SSD, Asus Sabertooth Z77, Nvidia GeForce GTX-670. I am editing DNG files which were converted from .CR2 taken by Canon 5D III.


                                                                                  Issues got really bad with Lr 5.6.  


                                                                                  Lr grinds to a halt when trying to apply a crop, especially with rotation, and even more if I have applied a mask to the photograph. I get 2-3 processes appearing in my task bar that are titled "Bezel.exe" and those flash on and off. Task manager reports Lr as not responding, and CPU usage at 99%.   I'm able to get the system operating after repeatedly pressing G to exit the develop module and get into the gallery. Once I get to gallery, Lr stabilizes and functionality resumes. Why does this work? I have no clue, but it's not a solution since it still takes me a few minutes after each crop before functionality resumes.


                                                                                  Also, if I have a brush active, and I hold Space to drag the photo, Lr grinds to a halt again. The picture jumps across the screen for a few minutes until it finally gets to where I stopped dragging. Even the brush itself is delayed as it follows my mouse. Spot healing brush lines will sometimes remain even after I have unselected the tool. Zooming out or changing the position of the images makes them disappear.


                                                                                  I have my program, library, and scratch disk running off SSD's. My Windows virtual ram is set to 4gb. Anything less than that causes Lr to crash my computer resulting in a BSOD. I have Lightroom's cache's set to 3gb for video and photo, though I don't do any video editing. I am constantly clearing the cache's restarting the computer, and restarting Lr. These settings allow me to edit for the most part without crashing my computer. Anything less than that results in BSOD.  I did not have these problems with earlier versions of Lr 5...though I did with Lr4.  I'm not sure how to re-install an older version of Lr CC.  I just hope a patch is released soon.  User Rob Cole up above mentioned some programming fix that sped up his machine. I am no programmer, but I would like to try that option too if I knew how.    



                                                                                  • 38. Re: Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!
                                                                                    Julie Kmoch Adobe Employee

                                                                                    deepsoul13, may I contact you offline to discuss? These kind of details are helpful and I'd like to ask more questions.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Lightroom 5.6 Slooow!!
                                                                                      deepsoul13 Level 1

                                                                                      Absolutely! I'd be happy to help

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