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    Change font size of a text item in illustrator extendscript and oth attributes

    Bob Haslett Level 1

      I have a series of text items on a page, some of them are grouped. I would like to go through theses grouped items and set the point size of the type to 8 point. I've don this


          for (var i = 0; i < layer.groupItems.length; i++) {

              var group=layer.groupItems[i];

              $.writeln("Group iyem=",group);

              for (var k = 0; k< group.textFrames.length;k++) {


                  $.writeln("Text item ",item.name);

                  $.writeln("Text item ",item.size=8);





      ...but it doesn't work. If I change the line

         $.writeln("Text item ",item.size=8)


         $.writeln("Text item ",item.content)

      it returns the text string correctly so I'm pretty confident that I'm accessing the correct item on the page. But I can't access/change the size of the type, or indeed any of the type attributes. What am I doing wrong? Tried to find some reference for this but struggling. Using CS5 by the way