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    Sync a new HD with a previously made SmartPreviews album (the first HD crapped out mid edits)


      Here's what happened.


      I had all of my images on HD1 and backed them up on HD2.

      I used HD1 to make a smart previews album so that I didn't have to take HD1 with me on travel.

      When I returned home, I learned that HD1 was corrupt.

      I plugged in HD2 but LR never prompted me to find the images (since it assumed I was just working with the smart preview album)

      When I wen to export (I export to Smug Mug), the images were small - 2.5MB vs the usual 15-20MB

      After some troubleshooting, I realized it was because LR never synced with the new HD

      I can manually sync each photo with the new location on HD2, but I have 1000+photos and that sounds awful

      Any suggestions for bulk syncing the images with HD2?