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    Making a Square book a 2pg horiz layout iPad ebook w/flip pages


      I have made a book layout in Adobe InDesign that is not your normal sized book. It is square- 10"x10" when it is closed and of course 10"x20" when open. Is it possible to make a square shaped ebook that has flip pages that will flip in a two-page view on an iPad?

      I have been able to get it to do a two page view but not flip pages. I can only get it to flip pages in a one-page view which doesn't work since we have a lot of two-page spreads. Is there a secret to know how to do this? I have a grand opening tomorrow that I have to have this book ready for! Please help!

      i Have created the PDF and I have tried exporting in page view and spread and the flip book converters still can't figure it out. If I make a simple 8x11 PDF and export it to my iPad and open it in my flip book app it opens easily and turns in a two-page spread like a normal book. How do I get this to happen with square pages?! It seems like it shouldn't be any different.