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    how I can un-do file import?




      I accidentally imported files into wrong folder. How I can undo this using LR? Deleting these files manually using OS command results is un-predictable results.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Drag and drop the files into the right folder. This is done entirely in Lightroom's Library Module.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The quickest thing would be to just drag-and-drop the bad folder into the correct place in LR Library’s folder structure.  You might need to rename the folder if you also named it wrong.


            If the photos only exist on the hard-drive and are not on the camera-memory card anymore, then you also probably want to drag-and-drop the photos from one location to another, using LR Library’s folder panel.


            If the photos are still on your camera card as well as on the hard-drive in the wrong location then you also have the option to reimport from the card, which will take longer, of course.  To do this you’ll first want to remove what was imported into LR in the wrong location using the LR Library folder panel and right-click Remove/Delete-from-Disk.  After this your LR will be in a state just before you did the import and you can do the import again.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Dragging and dropping to move or clicking and right-click to deleting things in the LR Library's folder panel is similar to how you do it in any other Windows (or I assume the Mac) application.


              You left-click on something to select it, you shift-left-click on (or shift-click-drag over to) something else to select everything in between, or control-left-click (or Option(clover)-left-click) on things to individually select them without selecting what's in between, then when you've selected exactly the folders or photos you want to do something with, you right-click and choose what to do, or you left-click-drag on one of the selected items to somewhere else, then let up on the mouse button and the items will move.   This is basic Windows (and Mac) stuff.