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    Large indd file will not export to PDF


      Okay, so I'm currently up to date on all installations and I'm running the latest OSX. We recently ran the most current updates for InDesign 2014 and since then, there's a file that I cannot get to export as a PDF. It's 50mb (which, really, in the grand scheme is not large, but compared to the rest of the files we export, it is) and the pictures in it are not cropped quite the way they should be. This was never an issue in the past, though, until this past update.


      Here's the even funnier part. If I export the document in sets of 10 pages they all export fine, and then I can combine them all together to get my regular PDF. That, of course, is rather tedious considering it's a 100 page document and each export takes roughly 5 minutes to complete, if not longer.


      I've tried changing the settings around, messed with the downsampling settings, all to no avail. I've wasted an entire morning working on it, even though I have a good PDF to print from. It irks me that I can't figure this out, so I come to you all for HELP!