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    Preview does not play multiple compositions (after effects)

    Anne Masi

      Hi Adobe Community,


      I have two compositions that I want to play simultanuously. However, the preview only plays one composition at a time (that is: the selected composition in the timeline). What am I doing wrong? I have tried changing active camera view (to whatever was possible), ram preview options, resetting the work space... I cant find out what's wrong; it plays one, or the other, but never 'over' one another.


      Some extra info: the preview panel -and its dropdown menu- does not offer a "standard viewing" option. Only "ram" and "ram + shift" options. I don't know if that's normal; Im quite new to AE. I am using AE5, on a newer Imac.


      The strange thing is: Im learning AE from Adobe's 'classroom in a book' lessons. Therefor I am doing everything the book tells me to do. I havent had any issues with this the previous lessons, but now I have.


      Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance!