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    Localizing and Snippets

    R Volovski Level 1

      RoboHelp HTML v 11


      I'm returning to RoboHelp after an absence of several years. I've never worked on projects translated into different languages before.


      The project I'm working on is translated into about a dozen languages. We have a translationservice that takes the RH source files and returns them to us with the webhelp translated.


      We want to minimize the changes that will need to be translated for future editions. As it turns out many of these changes can be added with a few well-worded Snippets, which will be repeated in lots of topics in the help. (So happy that Adobe has added this functionality while I was away!)


      My question is: Is it likely that they translation company will just be able to translate the snippets, then when the webhelp is generated, the new content will flow from them? Or will they have to translate each page after the webhelp is produced (meaning they will bill us for each page translated, even though it will all quite repetitious).