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    Why do illustrator vector objects render as pixelated in indesign?


      Can anyone explain why if you place a graphic image or object created in illustrator into inDesign, the result is jagged, (pixelated) ie, highly rasterized. And I don't mean in a subtle way: the effect is very pronounced. Worse, it renders out on the pdf in the same way. And please, do not tell me this is a display issue. I am on High Quality display, that is not the answer. I also tried making a photoshop version of the object and placing that: no luck. And of all the forums I have wasted time reading, no one has provided a credible answer for this. I HAVE had good results from copying and pasting the vector paths into inDesign, but why oh why can't inDesign simply place the object directly? Hopefully, we will see a proper answer, and not just "it's a display issue."