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    Loadmovie blurry


      I am experiencing a problem when loading images at run-time. In my particular case, loading a 128px x 128px .png results in an image that is "blurry". I get the same problem whether I am using the MovieClip::loadMovie function, or using MovieClipLoader::loadClip. I had found a topic on another site where the same problem was experienced; here's a sample image:



      The images I am trying to load are not embedded into the asset (can not be in my case). The asset doesn't seem to be the problem; I imported a sample into the .fla and placed it on the stage, where it appears perfectly clear. I also tried using an uncompressed .jpg and the same issue occurs.


      I've been able to clean up the "blurriness" to a degree by making the loading canvas 127.5px x 127.5px, based on a suggestion found elsewhere, however I have no grounds to explain why that is actually helping. Can anyone provide some information on this issue, and how I can get my images to load in clearly?


      Using Flashplayer 9 and AS2