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    Email from Adobe Send not received

    D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

      After returning to SendNow for larger files, and still failing, I tried to use Adobe Send again for a couple of smaller files today. Time sensitive. I saw no errors on upload. Got a message stating they had been sent. Three hours later the client is questioning whether I will be able to meet the deadline.


      Apparently three recipients (all on same send) never received any notification of files in their emails. So now we have progressed from failing to send to pretending to send. I forwarded the share to myself and it came in as junk. I forwarded my email to one of the recipients and it was successful. She was able to download the files but a problem with this method is that "I" appear to have downloaded the files.


      So no real useful tracking data and a hit/miss approach to file delivery.


      Now the client  wants to "determine at the end of this project if there is a need to look into a different delivery service other than Acrobat Send Now." Even she doesn't realize the service has changed so its all lumped into Adobe services. This is unfortunate and embarrasing.


      Adobe Send is premature and untested. I recognize that the engineers are working on a solution but this is no small bug and significantly interrupts, perhaps permanently, workflows of existing users. Is August still the cut off date to switch? I fear many will be switching but not to Adobe Send.