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    Need a Developer — Oil Paint / Pixel Bender

    Kent Lytle

      I am a digital illustrator with no background in programming. I want to use an image style I have developed that incorporates the the Oil Paint filter as an important step in the creation process. The filter works as I need it to when applied to relatively small images sizes of around 80kb, but has little effect when applied to the relatively large image sizes of around 80mb that I need to work with.


      I very much need to know:

           Is it possible to program an update to the existing Oil Paint filter so that it will work as well with large images as it does with small images?

                     If so, how would I go about locating someone capable of doing this for me?

           If the existing Oil Paint filter can not be enhanced to accomplish this, is it possible to write a plug-in that will produce the same effects but run independent of PhotoShop?

                     If so, how would I go about locating someone capable of doing this for me?


      Adobe will not be including the Oil Paint filter with the next version of PhotoShop. It is acceptable to me to have the existing plug-in enhanced and run it on currently compatible versions of PhotoShop. There is a developer's tool kit for Pixel Bender, which Oil Paint was derived from, so it seem reasonable to assume I can find a PhotoShop plug-in developer who can alter the existing filter to work as I need it to.


      If it is not possible to enhance the existing Oil Paint filter, I can use the open software platform GIMP to run a filter that will produce the same results, but I have not found a filter for GIMP that can do this. I would need to find someone who is capable of developing a program in C++ that will produce the same effects as the current Oil Paint filter, but do so on large images. GIMP is tile-based and it seems that GIMP filters can be programmed to work well on large images.


      Image processing times have not been an issue. I am working in OSX on a 6-core MacPro. I live and work in the San Francisco Bay area.

      Finding a solution is very important to me and I am very determined to do so.

      Thank you very much in advance for any insights and suggestions you can provide.

      Sincere Regards,

      Kent Lytle

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          Royi A Level 1

          We are working on something similar.

          By the way, There use to be some links to Adobe Labs with articles of their engineers.

          One of them was about the Oil Painter (Something about solving PDE's), try search for it, I will make easier to assist you.

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            Kent Lytle Level 1

            Hello Royi


            Thank you for responding to my PhotoShop forum post.


            By "working on something similar" do you mean you plan to release a plug-in I could purchase?

            If the one you are developing would work as I need it to I would be happy to purchase yours.

            Otherwise I am going to have to hire a developer to create one for me.

            If yours isn't going to do what I need it to, but you can program one for me, I'd like to talk to you about it.


            Specifically I need to apply Oil Paint filter effects — especially stylization and cleanliness — to large image files of around 100mb.



            Kent Lytle

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              Royi A Level 1


              Hire a developer might cost a lot.

              Those are advanced image processing algorithms, people who can do those stuff are paid a lot.


              Let's start by finding those articles, Maybe someone from the Adobe team could direct us there.
              I remember they a Russian engineer who is specialized with those Poisson and PDE's (Though if I remember correctly someone else wrote the specific article about Oil Painter algorithm).


              You can see here what we do:





              A product we're working on now deals with effects similar to what you're after.

              If you want us to be specific (The Oil Painter), we can talk about it.