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    Lightroom 5 color labels appear dark causing mac pro monitor(s) to go black, have to restart, get a kernel panic os 10.7 5


      I have a Mac Pro 12 core, with a Nvidia Quadro Pro 4000 video card. I have been using lightroom with this video card since 2011 without a problem. I updated to os 10.7.5, which apple says it is the latest f  and now when i use lightroom (after about 15 minutes),  my monitor goes black, which i am sure is a video card issue which involves lightroom settings, and i have to restart my system. After restart I get a kernel panic report. I unistalled lightroom, and had no crashes. I reinstalled it and i started to get computer crashes again. (not lightroom crashes but computer  -) When i open lightroom, the color labels appear saturated and much darker than usual. I took a screenshot www.jlanceimaging.com/lrscreenshot.jpg.


      Since updating to 10.7.5 i have had this issue with lightroom and the video card.

      I also went into photoshop an unchecked the graphics processor but still got the crashes.

      and last;y, i opened up lightroom 4 and had no problems