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    Markup for contributors

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      This topic is a little new to me from a publishing perspective so apologies in advance if I'm not using the correct terminology or even approaching this in the best way.


      Our small publishing team usually self generates content, which is subsequently put into InDesign and laid out and styled by ourselves. We are however about to begin new scenarios where we are commissioning others to prepare the content that we then receive and process in InDesign. We use a Google Drive (Google Docs) a lot and it would help if all content continued to be generated there.


      My question however, is in how we ask contributors to markup their documents in order to make it most efficient for us to layout and style. I'm familiar with various aspects of scripting and programming and so quite comfortable with HTML, XML etc. but this doesn't seem appropriate for preparation of documents which are destined for indesign.


      There must be something 'standard' out there that is used to markup content (produced by humans) destined for publication in something like indesign (laid out and styled by humans). If I'm going on about humans a lot it's because most markup doesn't seem to be there to help people so much as machines (browsers and parsers of whatever kind).


      I should add that we use a lot of musical symbols in our documents, and have used a pseudo markup of our own for some time to highlight this, but I can't help thinking there is something more appropriate out there. Clearly the right kind of markup used in combination with grep searches or grep in paragraph styles could be very powerful.


      Perhaps all we need to do is choose the right export/import procedure and continue to use our in-house markup.


      I'd be very interested to hear what anyone else deals with this sort of situation.