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    lightroom changes reset after saving from photoshop


      I'm using the most current version of Lightroom and Photoshop. In the past, I was able to edit in PS and when I'd save, the photo would update in Lightroom, preserving whatever changes I'd made in the develop module. For example, I do a lot of retouching, so I'll tweak general contrast and color in Lightroom, then export to Photoshop to clean up skin and other details. PS saves it as a .tiff which automatically stacks in LR with the original .dng file. So let's say I finished the retouch, then in LR I apply a light vignette or some grain to the .tiff file. Previously, if I ever decided to export this .tiff again into photoshop, when I would save and it would update in LR, the vignette and grain amounts would stay the same.


      Now when I save in PS, when the photo updates in LR all the settings reset and I lose whatever changes I'd made (curves, grain, vignette, etc). Is there a setting I'm missing?