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    Updating to LR5


      This is a long story being made short as possible .Bought a new Nikon D610 took some pics then proceeded as normal to transfer to light room (4) found out that LR 4 did not support the D610 so ... bought the update to LR 5 found out now that my OS will not support LR5 so ..., update to Mountain lion ..... now everything should work open up LR 5 load some pics .... Oh My ! HD is full .... ok transfer as many photos etc to a external 1tB hard drive ... ok done open LR5 and now its want to update to 5.5 alright done Once again open LR5 and !!!! no pictures 2200 images are there in a catalogue but it says the file can not be found I have searched the LR catalogue and have found that there are now 4 catalogue's and not one of them will open up any photo from LR4 catalogue into the updated 5.5 version.  at this point Im just confused and a bit over my head as to what to do. the photos are not lost as they are on the external drive but I am just not  sure what to do with all this catalogue confusion . Its possible that I transferred a file catalog.lrcat1 to external drive but its not visible to me any help would be appreciated .

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's because you moved the images to an external drive. You need to reconnect the images and folders to their new location on the external hard disk. You can do this by clicking on the question marks. Then redirect Lightroom to where you moved the images.